Gemaakt met Berta

  1. untitled (radiators) 2022

    oil on canvas, 205 x 55 cm.

  2. Laatste licht / Last light, 2022

    oil on canvas and chair

  3. Ezel / Easel, 2022

    wood, laquer, oil paint

    90 x 140 x 70 cm. 

  4. composition # 15, 2021

    wool, 160 x 120 cm. 

  5. Radiators, 2021

    oil on canvas, 120 x 107 x 112 cm. 

  6. Madonna, 2019

    carbon on paper, 50 x 70 cm.

  7. Radiator, 2018 - 2021

    oil on canvas, series of 20

    40 x 150 cm. / 40 x 110 cm. / 40 x 300 cm. 

  8. Study for self-portrait, 2018

    Installation, assembled ceiling with punctured ceiling plates (softboard, 60 x 60 cm. each )

  9. Breakfast, 2016

    mixed media on canvas, 12 x 10 cm.   

    courtesy of Luciano Benetton collection imago mundi

  10. Golf (Wave), 2016

    silkprint (monochrome) 

    paper, drying frame 

  11. untitled, 2016


    oil on coated paper

    50 x 70 cm.

  12. Study for composition # 12, 2015

    oil on paper, trestles

  13. untitled, 2015                  

    oil on canvas, 140 x 130 cm.

  14. untitled (studio view) 2015

    oil on canvas  141 x 120 cm.

  15. Window # 2, 2014

    1 slide projection

  16. composition # 11, 2014

    oil on canvas, 125 x 135 cm.

  17. Composition # 10, 2013

    oil on canvas, 130 x 135 cm.

  18. untitled, 2013

    oil on canvas, 90 x 115 cm.

  19. Melancholia, 2010

    paper, paint, carpet  140 x 125 x 150 cm.

  20. untitled, 2009

    wood, 212 x 100 x 110 cm.

  21. Composition # 4, 2009

    oil on canvas on wood, 145 x 130 cm.

    The golf ball project (2008)

    It was in July of 2008, when I was invited by guest studio Leo XIII in Tilburg, that I saw a work made by my predecessor. Her name was D. This work was a small piece of earth (grass and all) that was placed on a crack on the floor in the guest studio. I was quite intrigued and wanted to use it in my own exhibition the following month. I asked D if were possible. She wanted to know what my plans were and I told her I could put a small golf ball on it, for example. D didn’t mind and the following day I told the entire story to my friend and colleague B. After telling him about my idea he mentioned a work by an Irish artist by the name of S who had exhibited a bronze golf ball that had been stolen from a statue of Bill Clinton from some village in Ireland.

    I came upon the idea to try and acquire the golf ball so that I could exhibit it on the small piece of grass that I had lent from D. The gag of giving the golf ball a new context inspired me but getting possession of it proved difficult: the Irish artist S had left Holland for an art residency program in Canada a few days before. Still, I decided to email him and explain my idea. He liked the concept but was hesitant to relinquish the golf ball for the exhibition. I had three weeks before my opening and decided not to give up. S eventually said he would send the ball with a small story about its history and where it had come from. As our email correspondence grew he eventually changed his mind and in the end declined to send it. His final refusal I printed out and crumbled into a tiny ball approximately the size of the bronze golf ball, which I placed on the piece of grass. On the wall space next to it I exhibited 12 pages of our email dialogue.

  22. The golf-ball project (detail), 2008

    crumbled paper on pile of earth and grass

  23. untitled, 2008


    wood, canvas, paint

  24. untitled, 2008

    photo, 30 x 37 cm.

  25. Synthesis,  2008

    Assembled wood, 100 x 210 cm.

  26. untitled, 2001 

    installation, mixed media 150 x 145 x 160 cm.   A painter's studio scene with disappearing figure and background sound of (classic) portable radio  

  27. Op weg naar de Aldi # 1 (The Errant # 1), 2000

    photo, 20 x 30 cm.